Core Team

Björn Eklöv, born 1957.

Björn Eklöv is the company’s CEO and one of the founders of Global Sun Engineering (GSE). As the company's CEO, Björn takes the coordinating role in all of the company's operational activities. He is also the inventor behind the company’s first approved patent. During the 1980s Björn worked in Syria and Turkey leading several large constructing projects, managing up to 250 employees, for the oil exploration company Geophysical Service Incorporated which by then was a subsidiary of Texas Instruments. In the late 1980s he returned to Sweden where he founded and managed a constructing firm operating over Scandinavia. He has studied to Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Luleå University of Technology (“LTU”).

Andreas Johansson, born 1974.

Andreas Johansson is in charge of research and development of GSE. Besides leading the overall R&D, Andreas provides expertise in control electronics and semiconductors. Andreas is the inventor behind two of the company’s approved patents. Prior to joining GSE in 2007, he worked with R&D-projects in several IT-companies and also co-founded a start-up IT company. He studied computer science with specialization towards computer communication at LTU.

Peter Kihlangi, born 1981.

Peter Kihlangi works with research and development, specializing in mathematical modelling and optimization, and joined GSE in 2007. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from LTU where his thesis concerned numerical modelling and simulation of large dynamical systems such as hydro power generators. Besides R&D work, Peter manages the IP portfolio of GSE.

Måns Malmberg, born 1981.

Måns Malmberg works with research and development, specializing in thermodynamical analyses and computer aided design, and joined GSE in 2007. He is also responsible for the company's IT system. Måns has studied space engineering at LTU and during his studies he was active in the Student Association of Engineering at LTU both as a board member and chairman.

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