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Global Sun Engineering's (GSE) own developed product Matarenki Light delivers a very high degree of efficiency, state-of-art design and both electricity and heat (hot water).

Solar trackingMatarenki Light is composed of mirror-optics and solar panels. The mirrors focus the sunlight towards the solar panels that consists of solar cells and heat exchangers. The solar cells generate electricity from certain frequencies in the sunlight spectrum, while the heat exchangers generate heat through circulating water that absorbs the concentrated solar heat radiation. Though a control system Matarenki Light aligns itself with the sun's movement during the whole day, which maximizes energy output from sunrise to sunset. The solar tracking system also gives the benefit and flexibility of placement and does not require south-facing rooftops for mounting.

Traditional solar energy systems produce either electricity or heat and are fixed mounted which does not result in an optimal position during most of the day. Through key technology in the shape of mirror-optics, solar tracking, and combined delivery of electricity and heat, Matarenki Light obtain a higher degree of efficiency compared to traditional solar energy systems. As a result of the construction, Matarenki Light has a potential to be produced to 30 percent lower cost compared to a traditional solar energy system.

GSE has focused product development towards user friendliness that translates into simple and low cost installation. The needed installation area is minimal in order to make it possible to mount the Matarenki Light in a garden.

Matarenki Light in natureSolar energy is a renewable source of energy without any CO2-emission. The advantage of Matarenki Light is that it produces both electricity and heat at the customer location.

The Matarenki Light has the capacity to produce 1 kW of electricity and 4 kW of heat. The heat can be used for cooling purposes if the Matarenki Light is installed together with an absorption chiller.

Matarenki Light can be used in combination with all applications that require both electricity and hot water such as residential and commercial buildings. As an example, using a Matarenki Light it is possible to support a household of four persons with the whole demand of hot water and a substantial part of the demanded electricity in the states of California and Texas, USA.

You can download our product brochure for Matarenki Light 5.3 here:

pdf Brochure ML 5.3 (0.5 MB), English

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