Sectors of Application

It is possible to use Matarenki Light in numerous applications. Matarenki Light is ideal to use at residential and commercial buildings for electricity supply and heating or cooling purposes. It is easy to install and to take charge of the produced electricity and heat. A very good example is to use the Matarenki Light for heating a swimming pool and to use the produced electricity in household appliances. The advantage of having both electricity and heat production enables Matarenki Light to be used for installation to off-grid applications.

The Matarenki Light has the potential to be used in all applications that require both electricity and heat, such as;

-    Residential buildings

-    Commercial buildings

-    Off-grid solutions:

          - Cottages; with storage of electricity and heat

          - Base stations; cut of diesel generators at mobile base stations and reduce the energy costs

          - Water cleaning

-    Special benefits using Matarenki Light for heating a swimming pool

-    Also ideal to use for heating greenhouses in northern climates which increases the season


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