Global Sun Engineering Sweden AB (GSE) was founded in Luleå in May 2007 by Björn Eklöv, Eric Setterqvist, Nils Kauppi, Jakob Nilsson and Jimmie Segerstedt. The company was founded with the intention to develop and commercialize a new and innovative solar collector under the name Matarenki Light. During 2007, Andreas Johansson, Måns Malmberg and Peter Kihlangi enhanced the GSE development team.

GSEs first patent was awarded during 2009. During the same year a design protection was granted for Matarenki Light. The other two patents followed during 2010. The patents are based on GSEs internal research and development and GSE is the sole owner of all three patents and the design protection.

Proof of concept of Matarenki Light was achieved during the summer of 2008 through experimental studies on test-unit. The company has a continuously ongoing research and development in order to optimize the performance of Matarenki Light and to prepare the product for commercial launch.

GSE has executed two new share issues, one in January 2008, and the last one in December 2009. The company has raised 4 MSEK in private equity and has received 2,5 MSEK in the form of governmental research and development grants and also revenues from sales of test-units.

GSE has totally delivered six test-units of Matarenki Light in various stages of refinement since the start in 2007. The collaborations that have followed from the deliveries, have given GSE valuable technical data and field experiences of the product.

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